Can You Still Make Money Selling at a Farmers Market ?

Researchers suggest farmers’ market have grown exponentially in last few years. From 2007 onward there has been a steady rise in numbers of local farmers’ market all across the country. According 2015 USDA report numbers of farmers’ market have grown by almost 180% from the last decade.

While, the data suggests numbers of farmers’ market has grown the sales at these markets might have slowed down.

If you are farmers who has a small scale operation then you might be wondering, Can I still make a worthwhile living by selling in the farmers’ market? Or is the sales growth that you have seen for over decade is unsustainable enough.

According to Arthur Neal, DA at USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service Transportation and Marketing Program, your income at the farmers’s market depends on your local market factors and how well you can accustom to your market’s ability to perform.

Despite slowdown in the revenue the local farmers’ market is still the best place to sell your products. Whether you are selling organic fresh crops, handmade items or just selling value-added products, you can still make the most of our farmers’ market stall if you apply certain techniques to your sales method.’

Here are a few tips for successful selling at the market:

Find a Partner
If you are just starting out in a farmers’ market then it can be hard to get a standalone shop for your products. Most stalls in a farmers’ market are rented out well in advance and if you don’t apply for it when the opportunity comes you might sell your products when time comes. In that case find someone who has a stall in the farmers’ market with a non-competing product and partner with them. Ask around and see who has extra space. If you are just beginning you can partner with others and start your venture.

Sell Unique Products
Try and differentiate your products in some way. If, there are 5 stores selling same type of tomatoes then you should find a way to differentiate your tomatoes with from others. Find an unique angle to your products. Tell how it is different from others. Make sure to differentiation is clear to those waking by your booth.

Tell your story, communicate with your buyer
Most buyer at farmers’s market want to know about the products they are buying. They want to know where the products are made, where they are sourced from and how they are made. If you tell them your story and story behind your products and listen to their feedback products than it will benefit your sales. Make sure to give away some samples to first time customers so they can try it and will surely come back for more.

Market Like The Pros
You might think you are selling in a farmers’ market where customers will come if you just have a store but that’s not the case. You still need to promote your stuffs. Make a paper pamphlet with good design which has your contact information and a Facebook and Instagram page where you can promote your products online. Add a link to your online social media profile in your pamphlets and share it with everyone who stops by your stall. Even if you check back and follow or like your page you can be sure they will come back to your store, next time they are in the market.

Keep the Store Simple and Present yourself well.
Your store should be simple, clutter free and you should always be in selling mode while in the farmers’ market. If you a customer comes to your store then you should be in position to answer their questions and listen to them. Do not be busy on your phone while your customers walk by. This shows you are serious about your business and are not just doing it for the sake of it.

Charge Fair and Honest Prices
Many sellers when they start over estimate the prices of their products. They assume they are the only selling their products in the market so can charge whatever price they think is fit. Research the market beforehand and see what are the average prices for your type of products and price your products accordingly. Buyers can see a scam from far away and will ignore your store if they see exorbitant prices

Invest in a POS Machine
Cash is the King but many people do not carry much cash these days. Talk to your bank and see if you can get a POS machine for your store so you can swipe your customers debit or credit card. If your bank does not provide it then sign up with so you can charge cards through your smartphone.

These are some techniques you can invest in to garner more sales for you in your local market.

Please comment down below if you have more tips and techniques that you would like to share with our community of if our tips helped you in any way.

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