All About Cedar Lake Farmers Market

The Cedar Lake Farmers Market is the perfect place to spend your Saturday morning. With fresh produce, baked goods, and local artwork from over 40 local vendors all under one roof, you can’t miss out on this great event!

The market is open for the season!

The market is open for the season! Now that spring has sprung, you have plenty of time to get your shopping in before summer. Cedar Lake Farmers Market is open every Thursday from 3:30 pm – 7:00 pm from May through October.

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Cedar Lake Farmers Marke
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A perfect event for the whole family

This summer, Cedar Lake Farmers Market is hosting an event at the Splash Pad Playground on Saturday, July 16 from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. The whole family will be able to enjoy the Splash Pad and then visit the vendors who sell food items and drinks out of their trucks! Kids can also play in the playground while they wait for their parents’ food orders.

Shop Fresh

At the Cedar Lake Farmers Market, you can find fresh produce from local farmers, orchards, and vineyards.

The variety of fresh produce available at each market includes:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Flowers
  • Meat and poultry products

Family-owned and operated

This is a family-friendly event. You can bring your kids and they will love it! The market offers a wide variety of activities, including:

  • A playground with swings and slides
  • Arts and crafts booths
  • Face painting

This event is great for all ages, so if you’re looking to have fun with the whole family on a Wednesday night (or any other day), come to Cedar Lake Farmers Market!

Cedar Lake Farmers Market Vendors

  • 3Ring Circus Designs
  • A J Specialties
  • A Spice Above
  • A&C Boutique
  • Allcindysmixes. com
  • Amethyst Art
  • Auntie Lo Lo’s Bake Goods
  • Back The Blue Chicago Land
  • Baker’s Wroe
  • Bakery 83
  • Bathsheba Body Works
  • Be the Joy
  • Belle and Roo Boutique
  • Between 2 beaches
  • Beverly’s Country Crafts
  • Biegel’s Cakery
  • Big Guy BBQ
  • Blank Canvas Creation’s, LLC
  • BLING $2-$20
  • Bnutty
  • Bouncing B’s Bounce House Rentals
  • Carleen O’Connor Rivera
  • Charming Vinyl
  • Ciciora Art Studio
  • Coffin Coffee Company
  • Color Street—— Little Gail Nails
  • Country Garden Crafts
  • Craftin’ in Chaos
  • Crafty Momma’s
  • Creations by Allison
  • Creative House Crafting Company

A great place to buy local produce.

Cedar Lake Farmers Market is a great place to purchase local produce.

  • Local produce is better for you and the environment. Most of the fruits and vegetables we eat are grown in large-scale, factory-like farms across the country, thousands of miles away from our homes. This means that many of these foods lose their nutritional value during transport. In contrast, local produce contains more nutrients because it hasn’t been transported far away; it’s also fresher because it hasn’t sat on store shelves for long periods of time before reaching you!
  • Local produce tastes better than what you find at your grocery store or farmer’s market – sometimes even better than organic products (depending on how they were grown). If a farmer has spent his/her entire career growing food in one location then they should know how to grow delicious ingredients! Plus if you buy directly from them instead of buying pre-packaged food items then there are no middlemen involved so all profits go directly back into supporting that family farm rather than some big corporation like Monsanto–which could explain why organic foods tend not to be as fresh tasting since there are still several steps between harvest time and when those same crops reach consumers’ plates due to rigorous safety tests required before selling them off wholesale through supermarkets like Walmart or Target.”

Cedar Lake Farmers Market Contact Information

Address: 7408 Constitution Ave Cedar Lake, IN 46303



Cedar Lake Farmers Market is a great place to get everything you need for your family. Whether you want to stock up on fresh produce or just pick up some snacks for your next adventure, this market has it all. Stop by and check out what’s happening in the heart of Cedar Lake!

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